The Love List

The Love List Cast


Coming up on Redbud's stage isThe Love List, with Rick Stewart directing one of the funniest plays Norm Foster has ever written.

Bill (John Pinto) and Leon(Richard Junkin) are buddies who grumble about growing older, their sagging careers, failed marriage, diminishing appeal to women, and all that middle-age guy-talk. For Bill's 50th birthday, Leon presents Bill with an appointment with a mate-finding gypsy who guarantees she'll find him the woman of his dreams, but first he must present her with a love list of the 10 most important things he is looking for in a partner. Coming up with this list is hilarious, especially No. 4 (which we can't reveal because there may be children reading), and the arguments back and forth about what to put on that list will produce nonstop laughter from the audience.

When this allegedly 'Ideal Woman' (Libby Pinto) actually arrives on the scene the men quickly learn that their list could use a few revisions They turn into Dr. Frankenstein creating their own masterpiece. She changes from sweet and naive to cold and icy at the drop of a hat. Be careful what you wish for--especially in choosing a mate!

Opening night and premiere dinner for The Love List is March 8. Tickets are $35, available at Dream Quest 530- 629-3564. Doors open at 5:30 PM and serving starts at 6:30. Other performances are March 14, 15, 21, and 22 at 7:30, with a Sunday Matinee on March 16 at 2:30. Tickets to these performances are $10.

A Sunday Happy Hour Encore will be presented on March 23. Doors open at 4:00 and the play starts at 5:00. Tickets to the Happy Hour Encore are $15. This play contains adult content! No children's tickets are available.


Around 30 years ago when Redbud was still in the Whole Enchilada theatre, the group began their season in the Spring with a Premiere Dinner. Marc and Londa Rowley headed up the cooking crew and with the help of a large number of enthusiastic community volunteers, staged a sold-out dinner that was delicious and elegant and was the beginning of what turned out to be a long and popular tradition. Patrons sat at tables with linen tablecloths and bouquets of fresh Spring flowers while servers pampered them with the finest wines and a sumptious meal topped off by amazing desserts baked by local cooks.

The Premiere Dinner continues at Redbud's home at Camp Kimtu on opening night of The Love List on March 8, with Julie Stewart as chef. Tickets are available at Dream Quest. Please join us for this crowd-pleasing tradition!